Monopoly: Free Market Expansion

A free MonopolyTM expansion for players looking for more financial complexity, less chance and a more exciting end-game.

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Expansion Overview

Monopoly: Free Market Expansion improves and extends the gameplay for veterans of the original Parker Brothers Monopoly board game. Having played the original rule set for many years, we identified the following areas for improvement:

The following items have been introduced into the Monopoly: Free Market Expansion

The expansion is FREE and can be played by simply downloading and printing off the new chance and community chest cards, and a lending ledger.

This expansion was developed jointly by Fiona Borrelli and Phillip Kingston in 2010.

Monopoly is a trademark of the Parker Brothers.

Monopoly: Free Market Expansion is copyright © 2010 Fiona Borrelli and Phillip Kingston. All rights are reserved.